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Meligyris Cretan honeys are premium products and are addressed to the contemporary consumers that have a strong personal taste, that choose based on quality,origin, taste and aroma, that care about product naturalness and health, that know how to appreciate a premium honey, and want to pursue new gastronomic experiences.

Our philosophy consists in producing and packaging honey of high nutritional value. Our honeys bear unique organoleptic characteristics, which are directly connected to the special terroir and the exceptional flora of Crete. Our honeys are carefully harvested and packaged to retain all their natural characteristics and nutritional benefits.

Our apiary center is located in the village of Arkalohori, in the surroundings of Heraklion on the island of Crete. Our family tradition in bee-keeping dates back to 1920. Today our team combines scientific knowledge with the family tradition to offer a range of exclusive honeys. The production and packaging procedures have received the IFS (International Food Standards) Certificate for the products’ quality and safety by the TUV Nord Organization. Moreover, we have established strict product controls and we make thorough analyses to ensure product naturalness, including water content analysis, conductivity, diastase pollen analysis, HMFanalysis, checks for lack of pesticides residues.



Cretan organic woodland honey with thyme & wild herbs

An organic certified honey collected by the noblest herbs of the Cretan flora: savory, thyme, malotira  (sideritis syriaca), ebenos (ebenus cretica) and other woodland plants. This honey is light in color, full bodied and of high nutritional value.


Cretan honey from wild herbs & white thyme

A honey with a delicious taste attributed to white thyme, a rare type of thyme that grows on the Cretan mountains at an altitude of 1500 meters. The low atmospheric humidity and the warm and dry climatic conditions of the specific area give a unique aroma and a coherent texture to this type of honey.


Cretan thyme honey

Wild Cretan thyme offers a honey with a strong taste and a golden color. It is a premium honey with antibacterial properties, especially effective for healing respiratory and digestive problems.


Pine Thyme Honey

In the ecosystem of our region , the coexistence of pine and thyme provides us with unique type of honey , whose distinctive flavour has been famous ever since the Minoan era.


Woodland honey with heath

A thick, amber in color honey, collected from the pine-tree woodlands, where the wild herb “heath” flourishes. It is fragrant and floral with a very lingering aftertaste that is almost bitter. It is considered to be highly nutritious as well.


Cretan woodland honey with sage

In the Cretan woodlands grows the sage herb, which is very popular in Crete for its nutritional benefits: it prevents various diseases and offers vigorousness to the human body. Sage honey is light in color, heavy bodied and has a mild but delightful taste.


In order to guarantee the high quality of our products,
production and packaging are certified by TÜV
Hellas for compliance with the food safety practices
ISO 22000/9001. Moreover, we have established
strict product controls and we make thorough analyses
to ensure product naturalness:
• Water content analysis
• Conductivity
• Diastase analysis
• Pollen analysis
• HMF-analysis
• Check for lack of pesticides residues




Mr. Manolis Stefanakis, agriculturalist – beekeeper
Member of the scientific community of Greek beekeepers
Cretan Apiary Center “Meligyris”

  • Tel./fax: (+30) 28910 29066
  • 9 Belibasaki st., 70300 Arkalohori, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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